Free Download ThopTV APK-Official v44.5 Latest Version

Don’t worry, if you are here for the Thoptv APK file we will help you to find out the latest version for android v44.5. Read this post and get free download links and thorough information regarding ThopTV below. 

Technological Advancement – Blessing in disguise

The Internet has revolutionized the digital world and digital cinema within a very short period. In the recent decade in our lives, we all were supposed to watch movies on television at homes where very few channels were on air, and we were bound to watch what is being played on these channels? and nothing else with our choice. Everything gone changed with technological advancement and improvement in the internet world. Now all the TV shows, dramas, movies, and everything is available on highly user-friendly smartphones.

In the beginning, when there were no smartphones and internet we had to pay for the movies, songs, or anything that we wanted to watch or listen to. Prices were different in different areas, but ultimately we were supposed to pay for the movies and songs that we could watch and see on our computers or MP4 devices.

Later in few years when the android mobile phones came into the market, they too had subscription fees on different android applications. and websites that were so annoying and sometimes not affordable for many of us. But fortunately, nothing is the same now as we can watch and listen to anything free of cost or free of the unnecessary subscription fee on the internet. Today, we can download hundreds and thousands of songs, movies, games, and anything we want for any purpose free of cost.


Benefits of Thoptv?

Even we can say now, that everything is at our fingertips which we can get from the internet without any charges or fees. No matter what kind of entertainment stuff you want to download from the internet, it has become possible now with the help of a wonderful application Thoptv. You would be curious to know about it further.

Through this application, the way of using the internet has changed and even improved so far. You are not supposed to surf the internet and visit multiple websites and applications for different sorts of entertainment stuff. All in one is available now in a single platform where you find your most favorite channels for free.

Undoubtedly, everyone needs such a wonderful application that enables people to enjoy unlimited entertainment free of the subscription costs on each movie, song, or game. If you are also looking for such an amazing application then be with this article because we have discussed everything in detail that will help to know and understand this application from every aspect.

ThopTV APK for Android

You are attending a party with your friends and you want to play certain songs, videos, or movies to watch/listen to together. Then you would not want to wait a lot but to watch that particular song, movie, or video on the spot with a single click. It has become possible now because ThopTV is now available for you that you can download from the link we have provided on our website.

This is an Android application that is the solution to all the problems relating to downloading movies, songs, videos, games, watch live IPL cricket, and subscribing to premium sites. This application enables you to watch hundreds & thousands of International TV channels.

Undoubtedly, this is the best platform for you if you are searching for your favorite songs, movie, sport, or video online to download and watch. Because here you get everything for free including the paid subscription channels. The best thing about ThopTV APK is that you are not supposed to pay anything even to the developers of this wonderful application. You can download his app and enjoy its amazing features without any interruption or problem. This application has become the best source of entertainment which is totally free and easily available to download from our website below.

ThopTV in our busy lives

Everyone is busy in their life and have a very short time for entertainment and relaxation purposes. To get entertained, people use to watch movies, dramas, sports, video songs, and so on. But if it becomes difficult to watch online movies or something else due to subscription fees or other downloading issues. A lot of precious time can get wasted. Therefore, we assessed the need for a unique and wonderful application where people can enjoy everything in a single place without surfing the internet.

ThopTV application is the output of our vision that enables you to find everything at the same place such as movies, sports, cartoons, songs, and live shows. You don’t need to waste your time on long searches on the internet surfing multiple websites for different purposes. This application is an all-in-one solution that is available free of cost and you can easily download using the link given below. Anyone can download the latest version of the ThopTV app that is an android user or having Windows PC, MAC, or Linux.

Why ThopTV is best of all other options?

Undoubtedly, this is an incredible application with amazing features, but I would love to introduce its major and most potential features that make it the best application on the internet today.

Its features make it the most popular and successful mobile TV application that is becoming the favorite application of everyone who is downloading it. Here are the features of the ThopTV application.

  1. No fee for a license for PC and android
  2. Contains multiple cartoon channels for under 12 kids
  3. Enables you to have a personalized list of movies, songs, watch live cricket, Football, and videos.
  4. It contains more than 3000 international TV channels that are at your fingertips now.
  5. ThopTV’s database contains more than three thousand movies from different categories.
  6. It has more than a hundred sports channels where you can see live coverage of different sports matches.
  7. ThopTV also supports MX Player through which enables you to stream HD quality content online using MX Player.

Why Should I use ThopTV?

Easy to use & understand

The best thing about this supper application is its friendly interface which makes it very easy to use and understand its features. A new user can easily come to know how to utilize every single feature in it due to its user-friendly theme and overall design.

Best for everyone

No matter how old you are, this application is enough versatile to engage all age groups with its diversified content. ThopTV provides a vast range of content that meets the requirements of different types of users like kids, adults, old people, and women as well. Therefore, everyone loves to use this amazing application.

Live TV channels

ThopTV provides hundreds of live TV channels of different sports, movies, and cartoons. All age groups can enjoy the channels choosing their favorite category out of hundreds of channels that the ThopTV is providing free of cost. The best thing about TV channels is that there is no buffering or another technical issue therefore you watch your favorite live TV channels smoothly.

Moreover, the kids can watch cartoons online and they would not disturb their parents to switch the TV to the Cartoon channels on the Home TV.

Unlimited channels on search

Another important thing that makes this application best is that there is no limit on the channels that you want to watch. You just need to search from the search box on the application with the name of the channel you are looking for. However, if you don’t remember the real name of the channel. You can search similar words and you will get suggestions with multiple channels on the results. In this way, you can easily find the channel you want to watch online on your smartphone.

Safety & security

The security of personal data is a major concern of the users, especially those that use online applications like ThopTV. But this application is completely secure and verified by the Google play services. Therefore your data and everything is safe and secure and you can feel free to use this application. There is no fee for the subscription code of this application. So watch your concerned TV channels without worrying about anything and enjoy your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ThopTV Is?

This is a verified Android Application where you can watch multiple movies, Sports live TV channels, TV shows, and different types of video content on your smartphone. You can easily browse any Bollywood or Hollywood movie from the ThopTV search box and enjoy more than 3000 HD movies. You can also find the latest and live sports opening the sports channels on this application.

Currently, this application is available as the android app, ThopTV for Linux, MAC, and PC. So whether you want to watch your favorite movies, sports, cartoons, and dramas on your smartphone or another device. ThopTV application helps you to watch it.

Is this application harmful?

There is nothing to worry about ThopTV because this is very simple, reliable, and secure. There is no effect on your smartphone or any computer device while you are using this application. This is a verified and authentic platform where you can easily browse multiple movies and other video content without any privacy and security threat.

This application has special security features that protect its users from data insecurity and other problems.

Can we use ThopTV on PC?

You can use ThopTV on your PC as this Application is available for PC, MAC, and Linux. There are simple steps to download this application on your PC and then you can install it on your windows, Linux, or MAC. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen as well.

Are there any hidden charges for ThopTV APP?

No, there are no charges for this application at all. You can download it from the given link free of cost and watch anything you want without paying a single penny even to the developers.

Can we download movies to watch on offline mode?

Yes, you can download any movie, cartoon, or drama while using the internet and save it to watch later when you are offline. This feature enables you to download your favorite dramas to watch without any internet single interruption.

Download ThopTV for Android

Click on the given link and download the application on your android device 

Additional Information:

The below table helps you can also understand Thoptv because we mention the File details for our site users that help who can easily install it on their android.

Current VersionV44.5
File Size14.5MBs
File TypeAPK File Format For Android OS

Latest Update v44.3.1 with screenshots

The new update of ThopTV is launched now. Several bugs and issues have been removed from the app and the performance has also been improved. 

Connection Errors are fixed now

The ThopTV users that are facing Not working connection errors issue while using this application on their PC or Android can check out the tutorial given below and can easily fix this issue. We care about our users, therefore all of your complaints are our priority to focus on and fix all the issues that the users are facing.

In this article, you will come to know everything about the ThopTV app, the issues it was facing, and the solutions to these problems. In this way, you can use the flawless and error-free application on your device by following this article to the bottom.

After reading this article till now, you might have understood that ThopTV is a platform where you can watch movies, videos, TV shows, Cartoons, Live TV as well as premium online stuff. Now let’s talk about the solutions to the above-mentioned errors on your ThopTV Application. You need to know that, these errors would appear before or after you install the application. The tutorials given below would be for the users of both Android and Computer

Source down issue, how to fix?

It would be better to discuss the major issue first before going to the solutions to this problem so that you may get the best and more accurate solutions. Most of the ThopTV App users face ThopTV Connection Error Please Check your Internet. The first concern of the user should be how to fix the ThoptV connection error.

It is possible to have an internet connection issue but in few cases. However, most of the time the primary issue is not with the internet connection, some other general problems cause this issue. These problems should be addressed in a systematic way that we can discuss below. These solutions would also help to fix the source’s issue and WIFI problems.

Fixing the problem (Connection error please check your internet)

If you are not Indian, then you would face this problem because this issue does appear only for non-Indian users. 99% of cases that you think are related to the internet are not related to it. Out of 100 cases, only one case is usually an actual internet issue. Living in a country other than India means using ThopTV from outside the ThopTV’s region. Therefore, you need to take a simple step that will remove your issue of connection error please check your internet. The step is turning on the VPN and then starting the ThopTV application.

In this way, you would be enjoying the application smoothly without any technical or internet difficulties.

Connection error (how to fix)?

Sometimes it comes to your screen as connection timeout or no internet connection. Therefore, the application is unable to operate before this error is fixed. You can fix this problem through this process. When the match or another live podcast is going to start you can open the application right 7 minutes before the podcast starts. In this way, you will never face any connection error while watching an online match or any sort of online live TV show.

To enjoy ThopTV with its best features, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the application. The latest version of ThopTV is v44.5 that you can easily download it from this website and enjoy the application. In case if you have already downloaded the app and you have a previous version. Then go to the application and check for the updates and update the app to the latest version. If you want a better experience of updating the ThopTV app then uninstall the old version and download the latest version from the link given on this website.


Nothing is wrong if we say that, ThopTV is one of the best android applications where you find unlimited features and a jackpot of entertainment content. This application would turn your normal smartphone or computer device into an entertaining and more interesting device on which you would spend your free time more joyfully. Hence you are no longer going to be bored while using the internet on your smartphone or another device where ThopTV is available.   

DOWNLOADING THOPTV from the Google Play store is not possible yet, because it is not available there due to the fingerprint strategies of ThopTV. Therefore, you can download this application from this website. We have given the free download link above where you can simply click and download the app on your device. 

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