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SummerTime Saga

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Do you love playing mobile games? Here we are with another exciting new game; summertime Saga APK. The story of this game revolves around a student whose father is dead and all the debt of his father is on him. His life is in danger; the mafia don is after him and his family. The poor student has to protect his family, feed him and earn bread and butter for them.

This is an exciting game; you would love to play a lead character in the game and will learn over time. In this game there are dozens of mini-games, you can explore them, learn them, and master them.

Summertime Saga Developer:

This game does not follow a strictly linear development rather the lead character is free to roam around, explore and visit the surrounding. You can go to whichever city you wish and interact with any character you are charmed with.

You will be enjoying meeting new people, can develop a romantic relationship, and complete your daily tasks. The taste of the game doubles when you meet your life partner and build a new family.

In this game, the user is allowed only to complete three tasks in a day and after that go to sleep and start a new day.

The lead character in the game comes with lots of attributes that upgrade as you participate in new events. Like, you can enhance your charisma by competing in rap battles, or indulge in other physical games and activities such as going to the gym, boxing, and much more in the row.

This novel-based game lets you build a romantic relationship with many characters in the game much as we do in most visual novels. You would learn the other parts of the game as you get indulged in it and you would get to know the other characters as you proceed.

So, go on an adventure with the summertime saga and download this game on your mobile phone.

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April 22, 2022