Scared Grate

Scared Grate

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The Scared Grate APK is a perfectly modified MLBB cheating application. It is a precious treasure for those players who are keen to play with premium skins. ML payers prefer an injector that can provide the best ML skins. If a single injector delivered hundreds of ML skins at a time at zero cost, what could be better for a legend gamer than this? To know further about this amazing app, read the below content.

What Is Scared Grate APK?

It is a bonafide app to unlock handy attributes in Mobile Legends. This application empowers the players to modify it for unlocking features and customize its features however they want. Scared grate developers have grown up this app full of inner qualities; so that it stands as the best one in the market. The Scared grate APK helps you to use countless cheats in just one app. That will help you to enhance your gameplay easily. In this application, drone view is available in ranges from 2X to 10X with five different kinds.

This injector can work smoothly on medium graphics and is also beneficial for low-end device users. Two big companies, Warrior Recker and Zonic, developed this Android device application. It is one of the best injectors for all mobile Legend games that are available nowadays. By utilizing the providing app, you can get unlimited cheats under one roof and make an excellent experience by utilizing them. This application looks a little more talented than the habitual tools because it offers you to use pricey ML skins, all the backgrounds, loads of maps, and luxuriant items related to the Mobile Legends game. 

This iconic creation provides a complete list of maps, drone scenes. So that players feel lucky and brilliant using these items in their game. Although you will feel this Secret -Great looks like a typical injector. But hardly any other injector offers you the same amount of ML skins and other ML items as a scared app has taken. The grate app is acquiring the attraction of players by providing them a treasure trove of mobile legends.

Features of Scared Grate:

Unlock All Character Skins:

MLBB players love skins because skins play a dominant role in winning matches. Each skin has its remarkable power and strength. The new and fastest tool allows you to unlock all character skins, like 


  • Fighters.
  • Tables.
  • Marksman.
  • Support.
  • Tanks.

With your favorite premium skins, you can customize the skin of your favorite character.


The background cheat option for this injector has five main functions: 

  • Introduction To Splash
  • Loading Screen
  • Background Lobby
  • Background Profile
  • Custom Analog. 

Each category shows pleasures and attentive items of high quality. More than three dozen analog effects can appreciate the game visually, and other images modify the various places’ backgrounds in MLBB.  

The Card in The Fear:

  • Imperial sanctuary
  • Heaven Palace
  • Western Palace
  • Magical Chess
  • Drone View

These maps empower the ML players to check the hideout of enemies and their locations. And Drone view strengthens the player position on the battlefield. 


  • Recall
  • Spawn
  • Emotes
  • Notification
  • Elimination

This section has included all battle effects. When you would wide open this portion, it will surprise you that all the costly items are available for nothing.


This apk file is an anti-ban tool that gives protection from being banned. 

 Free of cost:

This application does not demand any money to use the tools because it is free. 

All Bugs fixed:

The New version of this app has so many bugs-fixes.

Besides all these features, this auto supreme and auto mythic app required no password. It is a fancy and well-optimized tool because it has a simple user-friendly interface.

How To Download And Install APK File On Android?

There is a helpfully illustrated guide on how you can download and install this stunning application.

Utilize the download button and press it to start downloading instantly. Wait until the download is complete within a few minutes.

You can only download hacks and cheats from third-party websites. Go to your Android mobile security settings and activate the “unknown sources”. 

From your device download folder, search out the downloaded APK. By press install, Permit to start the installation.

After successful installation, open the application to use. 

You can open the tool to permit media, photos, and files. Read the given instructions on the homepage and follow them. Tap on your favorite cheat and play with a new scenario. 


Scared Grate Apk gives you the opportunity of all-in-one features. Its most advanced features and services can help a newbie player to hit the ML Battlefield.  Through this hefty application, every online gamer can control the game forcefully. If you want to can get this tool in a while to boost your gaming power. So download this special and gala gift effortlessly on your Android device and also share it with MLBB maniac. Now you have the power to explore its features to ace the game without wasting time.

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February 11, 2022