New Imoba Lite

New Imoba Lite

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New Imoba Lite Review:

The Injectors have revolutionized the MLBB game. the majority of players use these apps as the key of access to success in the Mobile Legends Gang Bang game. For this purpose, a famous Youtuber Bangmamet provides many injectors to all MLBB Gamers such as New IMoba 2021 and much more. Moreover, there are many features of these injectors and the players get more freedom opportunities to get the victory in the game. At this time he introduces a lite version of this app and that is New Imoba Lite. This injector is enjoyable to use and getable to available Battle Effects, Intros, and Music and ML Skins. It app is suitable for Low-end Android Phones and High Android Phones as well as perfectly.

You know that lite apps require low specs also including Internet data and battery, Storage, and RAM. It is artificial just compare to the original app but first put the slight Burden. So here you are able to know all about its information to use and understand.

The New Imoba Lite is a beta version. The developers of this app are constructing it so far. You can try it first as a trial regard. It has a simple and easy method to use luckily. Moreover, a few items are coming soon on the upcoming edition of the app. Now on it, 32 Characters are fully customizable with the 140 + Costumes. This is less than ordinary injector apps. But the many skins on it are coming ASAP which is we are updated on the next coming addition. The highlights of the app features are given below.

New Imoba Lite Features:

The MLBB gamers are available to use this APK injector premium stuff without paying any cost. moreover, all the features are available to use free of cost. you can use all the features and game items by just get this app on your device.

  • It is free for Mobile legends Bang Bnag Gamers.
  • Latest and fully updated Tool for the MLBB.
  • Comfortable for the all Smartphone and Tablet devices.
  • Without require any password to login on it.
  • All the premium stuff are availble to free use.
  • Attractive layout and very simple to use.

Available ML Skins List on it:

  • Fanny,Lancelot,Hanzo, Selena
  • Hayabusa,Gusion,Ling, Helcurt
  • Pharsa,Cecilion,Change, Harley
  • Benedetta,Saber,Karina, Valir
  • Lylia, Lunox,Alucard, Aurora
  • Esmeralda,Vale,Cyclops,Alice
  • Roger,Paquito,Chou,XBorg
  • Balmond,Aldous,Alpha, Argus

All Items List of the App:

  • Unlock ML Skins
  • Intro TikTok
  • Intro Anime
  • Drone Views
  • MLBB Music
  • Effect Recall
  • Effect Respawn
  • Eliminasi
  • MLBB Emotes
  • Latest Cheats

How to Download/Install and usage of New Imoba Lite?

The App download/Installation and usage are very easy which we guide you below number vise just follow the below information and able to use this app very easily.

  1. Take the download button at the top or at the button of this page.
  2. The injector app will be automatically starting for downloaded on your device.
  3. After complete the downloading process then simple Allow the all permissions.
  4. Now simply click on the install option and it will be installed on your device.
  5. Open the app without putting the password and you land on the app home page.
  6. Give your storage access to the app.
  7. Now you can see all the list of the providing app items.
  8. Select any one and inject them to get the item freely.
  9. Enjoy your Getting material item and play the game with more skills.


The desperate MLBB gamers are now enjoying the game as well with the help of the New Imoba Lite beta version. This is a free tool that you can use to get ML skins, Emotes, Recalls, and many items to the game. the app provides you with all the premium stuff free of cost. so now just grab the download link of the app and get it to enjoy its providing amazing servicess.

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October 20, 2021